Our Partners

Our Partners

Medical Partners

Our medical partners are the medical teams in each city that volunteer their time and services to HeartGift at no cost. These teams consist of surgeons, cardiologists, pediatricians, dentists, anesthesiologists, and nurses. View our Medical Partners.

Corporate Partners

Our corporate partners provide financial support and/or volunteer at one of our HeartGift Chapters. They often sponsor fundraising events like golf tournaments or auctions. View our Corporate Partners.

International Agency Partners

Our International Agency Partners are non-governmental organizations that refer children to us for open heart surgery. They are located in countries all over the world and have access to the children who are in need of medical intervention. View our International Agency Partners.

Community Partners

Our community partners are our host families and volunteer communities that come from church groups, rotary clubs and social organizations. We would not survive without them and their commitment to our patients. They provide housing, meals, transportation, post-op outings and emotional support. View our Community Partners.