Chapter: Louisiana

HeartGift Louisiana Celebrates 40th Surgery                     

Fourteen-year old Laudner received his successful HeartGift on March 14, 2017 at Children's Hospital.  Although he arrived by wheelchair, he left with a skip in his step, a soccer ball in his arms, and huge smile on his face.

Laudner was the sixteenth child financially sponsored through HeartGift in Louisiana by ED&F Man Liquid Products. We were also excited to welcome as the cosponsor a new HeartGift supporting organzation, Monte Rosa S.A.  Monte Rosa S.A. is a large sugar milling and refining operation in Nicaragua and part of the Pantaleon Group.

Laudner and Norma were "adopted" during their stay by St. Catherine of Siena School. Students made cards and decorations for his hospital room and learned songs in Spanish for him.  Parents and faculty join the students in praying for Laudner during his time in New Orleans and brought donations to help with their expenses.  Their visit culmunated with a visit to St. Catherine to meet with the students and tell them, "Thank You.  I love you.  Who Dat!"

To see Laudner's story covered by Heath Allen on WDSU, click here.


Five-year old Solomon came to New Orleans in February 2016 with a hole in his heart the doctors in his home country of Uganda could not repair.  He was limited in physical activity and his parents were desperate for help.  Fortunately, doctors at Children's Hospital successfully repaired Solomon's heart through HeartGift, and now nothing is holding him back.  He is pictured here with his winning soccer team.


We are excited to congratulate our very own Deb Frilot, Cardiothoracic Surgery Nurse Coordinator at Children's Hospital as well as Dr. Joseph Caspi, LSU Pediatric Cardiothoracic Surgeon at Children's Hospital, for their recognition as 2017 New Orleans City Business Health Care Heroes.  This is a well-deserved honor for both.  They are certainly heroes to us! 



Get ready GiveNola

HeartGift will be participating again this year in the region-wide giving day organized by the Greater New Orleans Foundation.  This 24-hr event will begin at 12:00 am and end at 11:59 pm on Tuesday May 2nd.  The first $12,500 in donations made to HeartGift that day through the GiveNola website will be matched by a generation donation by ED&F Man Liquid Products.  The first $5,000 will also be matched by Sunrise Exploration.  On May 2nd your gift to HeartGift will go even further to help us mend hearts...one gift at a time.




To support HeartGift through GiveNola renowned New Orleans artist Thomas Mann is putting art where his heart is by unveiling the HeartGift Louisiana Collection  Mann is donating 50% of all proceeds to HeartGift.

For decades Mann has used heart-shaped sculpures in his art and jewelery as a means of expression.  Most notable, he has traveled the world over with his Trajectory Heart Project, showing a large sculpted heart in Tasmania, Australia; Key West, Florida; and New Orleans to raise awareness for worthy organizations.

Thomas Mann said, "Every artist has causes and organizations we want to support, but most artists do not have a lot of money to give.  It is natural to want to figure out the best way to use your power as an artist to help the efforts of others." Mann is donating 50% of all proceeds to HeartGift.

The HeartGift Collection is on sale now through May 2nd, GiveNola Day, at http://thomasmann.com.  Items may be viewed and purchased at Thomas Mann I/O located at 1812 Magazine Street in New Orleans.

Additionally, all donors who join us on May 2nd at the Thomas Mann I/O, 1825 Magazine St, will be given a sample of the Thomas Mann personally created GiveNola Cola.