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Stephen came to Houston in December of 2015.  When five year old Stephen arrived from very rural Uganda he struggled to walk very far and needed a stroller for his doctors' visits.  After his open heart surgery, Stephen was a whole new boy.  Before returning he was playing like your average five year old.  Today Stephen is still thriving, attending school and helping his Father farm the land.


Thus far in 2017 HeartGift Houston has served three young patients in need of heart repair. 

Ten year old Hawa from Garissa County Kenya arrived in February.  She had a great deal of trouble breathing and could not walk far but was always smiling.  After her heart repair she could walk, laugh and sleep easily.  Hawa is now well enough to attend school for the first time.  

One year old Siyileni arrived in late February from Malawi Africa.  She was underweight and due to her heart condition could not thrive.  Our wonderful partners at Children's Memorial Hermann Hospital got Siyileni back on track right away through special feeds and she was able to have her heart mended March 1st.  A baby that mostly cried and clung to her Mother left a baby who sits up, plays and smiles.

Thirteen year old Yll from Kosovo discovered he had a heart condition at age 12 while playing soccer with school friends.  This was quite shocking news to Yll's family.  Yll and his Father came to Houston in April and Yll's heart was easily repaired via a noninvasive Catheterization Procedure.  We have heard Yll is already back to playing soccer with his friends.

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On March 2, 2017 HeartGift Houston hosted the 2nd annual Songs for the Heart event.  HeartGift welcomed great Country Music singer/songwriters:  Megan Linville, Danny Myrick, Aaron Benward and David Lee.  Thank you to the Houston chapters' board of directors for making this successful fundraiser possible.  

HeartGift Houston's mission is to provide lifesaving heart surgery to  children from around the world where specialized medical treatment is either scarce or nonexistent.



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