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Tracy Update: Heart Mended July 2017 


We welcomed Tracy, her mother, Evas from Uganda.  Tracy came to us through our partnership with Samaritan's Purse.  At home in Uganda, Tracy had trouble sleeping and eating due to her heart defect and she was unable to keep up with her older siblings. After Tracy's heart was mended, a total transformation took place. She was able to run & jump without struggling for breath. Tracy is now an unstoppable force of playfulness and joy.

Six months later, Tracy is continuing to thrive and keeps her older siblings on their toes! Evas, Tracy's mother expressed her happiness as, "we have a grateful heart which cannot fully be expressed by mere words".  Tracy and her family wish to express their gratitude to everyone who was a part of their miracle.



Rinesa's heart was mended in Dallas in June of 2017.  She was diagnosed with a congenital heart defect at birth but due to other pressing health matters, her heart was not the first priority. Rinesa is a trooper and strived to continue playing and learning despite her exhaustion and low appetite.  After her open heart surgery, Rinesa continued to blossom, thanks to a heart that was working properly. She continues to charm everyone she meets and begin school for the first time in the fall. Rinesa loves school and spending time with her friends...she is also not afraid to strike a pose for her fans! 

Board Recruitment

We are looking for talented and conscientious volunteer board members to lead and strengthen our mission of providing lifesaving surgery for children living with congenital heart defects (CHD) around the world where specialized medical treatment is either scarce or nonexistent. We are looking for individuals with experience in:

  • Accounting/Finance
  • Marketing
  • Healthcare

If you can contribute your time, thoughtfulness, and leadership one evening a month, and are interested in exploring this opportunity, please contact the Dallas chapter executive Director, Kelly McKinnon. Being part of something truly miraculous doesn't happen every day!

Contact: Kelly McKinnon

Phone: 817-372-8408

Email: kmckinnon@heartgift.org




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