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Rolando who came to us from Hondurus received his HeartGift surgery in January 2015. He had his last follow-up appointment with Dr. Fox on February 9th which went very well.  As you can see from his photo that he has healed beautifully which Dr. Fox was very happy to see. The amazing transformation is that he is much more vocal and repeats everything you say.  His English is quite impressive along with his new energy, which his shirt tells it all, he is Superman.  His mom, Nidia smiles all the time and is very grateful to everyone.  Rolando returned home to Honduras the following week and we wish Rolando the best, they will be greatly missed.  A big thank you to Laura and Morris Gottesman for the best gift of all, Rolando's new life.




Our little friend Cielo flew home to Bolivia today with a healthy heart & a smile on her face!  A big thank you to Judy Prim and the Lakeway Church for their fantastic efforts as our host community and to our partnership with Samaritan's Purse...another life saved!


We welcomed Edison, mom Sonia and translator, Daniela from Bolivia.  Edison comes to us through our partnership with Samaritan's Purse.  At home in Bolivia, Edison is the only child and lives with his mom and dad in a rented room.  They live in the community of Yapacan, 2 1/2 hours from the city of Santa Cruz.  Edison's father is a builder and his mother stays at home to care for Edison.


While here in Austin, Edison, Sonia and Daniela will be hosted by our newest host family, Mike & Kristi Smith and their three beautiful children. Edison had a few days to rest upon arriving and had the pleasure of spending the weekend with Cielo and her host community before she left Austin.  This was a good opportunity for Cielo's mom, Inocencia to speak with Edison's mom about his upcoming surgery which was very helpful.  Sonia and Edison both saw Cielo's incision scar, and it relieved Sonia's mind to know that she was in the best of hands with HeartGift. 



Monday was the start of Edison's appointments with the pediatrician, Dr. Kelly Thorstad and pediatric cardiologist, Dr. Stuart Rowe.  Dr. Thorstad gave Edison his first cowboy hat which he loved.  He did very well at both appointments and it was determined that he did not need a cath procedure this week.  He will continue to enjoy his time with his new family and friends until Monday when he is scheduled for his pre-op appointment with Dr. Kenneth Fox.  Surgery is currently scheduled for May 21st. 




Please continue to keep our HeartGift children in your thoughts during all their travels and medical appointments.






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HeartGift Austin's mission is to provide lifesaving heart surgery to  children from around the world where specialized medical treatment is either scarce or nonexistent.


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